Date: 22 May 2023 @ 20:00 - 21:30

Timezone: Amsterdam

International students aren’t new to the city. International students have been part of Groningen for more than 400 years. Since its founding in 1614, the University of Groningen has thrived thanks to the influence of international professors and students. These visitors brought financial resources, cultural diversity, and new knowledge that enriched both the academic community and the city of Groningen. In the past few decades, however, something has changed: the number of international students has more than tripled since 2005, and this has raised new concerns, such as related to housing and the quality of education. How did the international students suddenly become a problem? And how has this affected the way they experience the university and the city?
International students are often viewed as those who come to Groningen just for the purpose of studying and are expected to leave when their studies end. What happens in between their coming and going? Are international students mere transients in the city, or do they get to belong in Groningen? Do they get to call it ‘home’?

Venue: Academy Building, Broerstraat 5, Groningen

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